I want to cancel my internet but MEO is making things extremely difficult.

  • 26 October 2021
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I want to cancel my internet on Jan 31’st because I will be leaving Lisbon. 

Currently I am not in Portugal. 


I have called three times now and been “transferred” to the cancelation department. 

Two times the phone call ended after aprox 60 minutes.

The third time I got someone who didn’t speak English so well and said a colleague could call me back. But ONLY on a Portuguese number. 


I’m from the Netherlands and my number starts with +31 -  I have lived all over Europe and it’s never been a problem to be called on this number but for MEO (the leading communication company in Portugal) apparently this is too hard and impossible. 

So the call ended again. Now I’ve spent over 3 hours trying to contact MEO just to cancel my internet. 


How hard can it be to cancel my internet? 

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When i try and do it online : I can’t select a date - This form is broken (tried disabling adblocker and different browser)

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This one is also broken - you can’t type anything into the box. 



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No reply? No one has called me yet or answered me emails either….


Eventually I will just close my bank account and leave the country so I prefer to do things formally. 

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still havn’t been contacted. 


I received a private message from a MEO employee simply stating that they “couldn’t call me”….


This is getting ridiculous  :joy:

any update?

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any update?

I just went to the meo shop in the end. I told them I am leaving portugal and i want to cancel. 


The guy in the meo store told me i need to ring the number to cancel, I refused and told him he should ring it for me. 

So he hands me the phone, and it’s a sales person trying to convince me to stay with MEO, even after I told them I’m leaving portugal. After 15 minutes of arguing finally they cancelled my internet. 

I had my modem with me but they told me I needed to go to a seperate MEO shop to hand the modem in. 

At this meo shop I had to take a ticket and wait 1.5 hours just so i could give the guy my modem….

I’m beyond words to describe meo, it’s like the company is run by a bunch of 12 year old clowns with no legs and no arms.