No Internet via Prepaid Card

  • 17 November 2022
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I have already contacted you via Instagram, as there is no other way to get in touch with you quickly. Maybe a chat or WhatsApp on your site would be a good idea?

I was told on Instagram that they would look into my case and get back to me immediately, which hasn't happened yet.

My phone number: 92x xxx xxx

According to the MEO app, my prepaid card is active with the Unlimited tariff, I also topped up my card with 40 euros on 30.10.2022.

We use the card in a mobile router and since yesterday we no longer have internet. I checked the router and it can't be the fault, as everything is fine there. We are connected to MEO and receive 4G+.

We urgently need internet again, otherwise we can't work.

With kind regards
Sascha Fauda-Reeder


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As far as I know, there’s no support via Whatsapp. I will assume that it is something related to your charge, or card balance (since it’s a pre paid). 

You could try to insert the sim card into a phone and type the code  *#123# and press to call, to check the card balance. 

these are the official contacts 

If you read my message carefully, there would be no need to top up the credit, as there should be credit available. The card was topped up with 40 euros and should therefore have unlimited data volume for one month.

I also know that there is no support via WhatsApp, so it was a suggestion to maybe implement this in the future.

Everything is fine with the router, so the problem is definitely not with our technology or with us in general. So something must be wrong on MEO's side and I hope it can be fixed quickly.