Left portgual, trying to cancel my internet contract.

  • 27 June 2022
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Hi all,


I left Portugal around two months ago.


I have tried calling multiple times to cancel my contract but keep getting switched to different people with 10+ minute wait times in-between and no solutions until my credit runs out.


I had two months left on my contract so I am trying to pay the remainder so I can cancel it.

I don’t have a portugal bank account so can’t use multibanco. When I lived there I just brought the slips into the pay shops.


I want to send the payment via IBAN to the meo bank account. Is there any email address I can use to contact meo as the phone way is not working.


I also tried the cancel services form on the website, but it goes to a blank page. I screen recorded this if anyone needs to confirm it.

1 resposta

Crachá +1

You shouldn’t expect an answer here. The whole company is designed to screw people over and make them pay extra months for nothing… 

I literally went back to portugal for 1 week just to cancel meo (and some other things - let’s not forget the brilliance of EPAL and financas)