Unfair service.

  • 12 October 2021
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Hello, We had no service since the day of installation and we constantly requested for technical service and no one responded and the most interesting part is you never forget to send bills. Because of the worst response received from MEO since the beginning, we already started with the Vodafone provider and we are paying regularly to this. 


So please stop sending the bills or I will have to raise a complaint for a penalty. We are working from home and we were without internet because of your worst service, I have proof for this and I can easily claim for you to pay the penalty for your bad service and put us in difficult situation for working.


I was to MEO logas personally to ask them to cancel and take the boxes and even by calls. No one responds to this and you people only aim for money. This is totally unethical. 


Reach me  in this number +33783220532 

or 913377738 (this number available only during this month)

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