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  • 2 Junho 2019
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I have a contract with meo for tv, internet and home phone with the payment of 36 euro with VAT per month.

6 months ago I got a phone from me and they ask me if I want to add mobile phone to the package. at the beginning I was interested and I was agreeing to the offer, after two weeks that they did not add my phone I called to check it and the guy that I talked to him checked and he told me different price and more expensive from the that I got first, so I said that I am not interested and that's how the conversation end.

in the end of the month I saw that they charge me 60 euro instead of 36 euro!
I was not interested in the second time I talked to them.

I went to the shop and asked to cancel it and they refound my money, they gave me to talk with the phone and the person in the phone talled me that I need to talk with another department and they will back to me.

sience then I go so many times to meo shops and call me in the phone, every time they tell me that they need to chack it and someone will get back to me and nothing happens!

I look for an email but apparently they do not have email.
I left a message on facebook and I got an automatic message back that someone will back to me soon as posseble and no one back.

Meo continue to charge me on something that I agree on for a long time and they just continue to ignore me.
this is stilling! be curful from Meo that they will not do the same to you.

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