Why are you still taking money

  • 8 December 2022
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I cancelled in February, and was notified on your website that it will be cancelled in March.  Since then I've updated for 8 months why are you still taking money and not cancelling phone.  I am sorry my dad died and no longer uses phone but being dead and there is no service in heaven he doesn't need it anymore.  Having looked at the issue online I can see you do this to a lot of people, how shameful of your company to do this.  Absolutely disgusting,  I've tried via the shop that started the contract but they basically laughed at me and said nothing we can do,  Funny that they managed to sell phone, set up direct debit from bank,  arrange an outside engineer to set up internet, yet they cant speak to their own company.  Weirdly I asked for the complaints book and they tried to give me a different version of the book, very odd, dodgy rip off company beware.  So please answer why you keep taking money even though you said you will cancel in March and how are you going to give me the 150+ euros you've effectively stolen from me

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