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  • 13 January 2021
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I contacted international client service (+351 961 001 620) to change tariffs of my MEO phone numbers to prepaid ones however none of the agents could speak English even a little bit. I already paid 26 euros+taxes to able to explain what I needed but it didn’t help. I really need help to solve thıs problem. Please tell me how I can solve this problem without placing another international call!!!

4 respostas

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did you tried WhatsApp? text your issue and attach translation in porruguese...



I newly registered to Meo from Vodafone for internet, tv and 2 Simard's.  The installation was good for internet and tv but the tv started not working after the 1 day of installation. It has been a week time and I am still waiting for the installation to come to my home.

Besides, 1 Sim card is ported but the second sim is still not ported. Today is my last day for Vodafone and if Meo couldn't succeed to port in (I made my registration 1.5 month ago and started the process 2 weeks ago) , my number will be deactivated and not usable. 

Waiting your urgent support please Meo team

Thank you very much. I have already done that in the second of January. Maybe I selected wrong menu since English support is not an option there. I will check again.

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Best choice is to use the contact request in your customer area. Please access (do your login) select “Pacotes e Serviços”. Click “Continuar pedido” and describe your request.

The suport will contact you asap.