Just found out MEO scammed me

  • 29 November 2023
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A month ago I went to the Meo store in Almada forum because I wanted to change the address for my internet and tv contract. I asked if there was a way to keep an internet connection in my previous house for the month of November. The seller said he had a solution which was to sell me a sim card. He told me to make sure to cancel the contract at the end of the month. This seemed perfect. Problem is I just found out I had signed a 24 months contract associated with the SIM card’s phone number. Nice scam. I was told on the phone that all I had to do was to take a new package that would include that phone number!!!!

 I don’t need a phone subscription, I have one!!!

 I’m gonna go to the store tomorrow and insist that these scammers cancel the contract.

It is illegal to mislead a client into signing a contract. I clearly specified I needed a solution for one month and that seller screwed me, knowing quite well what he was doing. It’s so easy to scam this way especially with foreigners.

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Hello @Johndb,

We are very sorry for this situation you reported.

Through the Forum, we are unable to confirm any service or client information. In order to forward this issue to the responsible team, you need to use the official support channels indicated at

Thank you.