I received bills for deactivated numbers

  • 9 June 2020
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I left Portugal in March, 2020 and I tried to deactivate my two phone numbers during the period I leave Portugal and during the month of April. After a series of messages, I was able to got the following confirmation message about the deactivation of my numbers will be made on 30/04/2020.

Following your request we inform you that the numbers will be disconnected at the 30/04/2020.
We also inform that it is going to be issued an invoice in May referring the month of April.

I paid the mentioned bills on time. Today, I received new e-mails which include new bills of 0.43 euros for each number referring the month of May. I try to understand the situation about the bills at the moment.

I will be pleased if you can contact me to solve this problem.

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