Why does MEO keep locking TV channels?

  • 14 Janeiro 2021
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I subscribed to the 110 channel MEGA Satellite package. MEO keeps locking some channels and I have to go to the MEO shop and tell them I have a 110 channel package! Also, they display the wrong subscriptions in MyMeo! It is a long time since I have come across so much incompetence and confusing advertising.

1 resposta

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The tariff you have in your customer area should be the one you have right now. If you see 90 channels in your package it will be because you have the 90 channel package.

If that was not what was agreed, the ideal is to claim this on the helpline, where you can consult your resquest, contract and pakage. Here in the forum we have no way to help. We are customers just like you.

Due to Covid restrictions I’d like to suggest you to use your customer area to request a review in this subject.

Mind to access select “Faturas e Carregamentos” → “Condições da Venda” decribe your request and wait for a reply from them.