Where can I get rid of the MEO Set Top Box?

  • 14 June 2014
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Where can I rid myself of the MEO Set Top Box which I no longer need or want to pay the rent of €5 per month for?


All addresses in Lisbon and Sintra area please.

4 respostas

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Good afternoon @@@BritUser , you can return your MEO box in any of our stores.

You can check all the available stores at http://lojas.meo.pt/
I am sorry, but that doesn't answer my question. I went to my closest MEO Loja (store) and they refused to take it back. So some accept official return of these boxes and others don't. I need to know exactly which stores can accept a return and sign for its receipt.  I will then chose the one which I can easily reach. I don;t want to waste time going to one which will refuse me.
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Good afternoon @@@BritUser , you can return the equipment in Loja MEO Colombo - Avenida Lusíada Loja 0.026/0.027 - 1500-392 Lisboa or Loja MEO Sintra - Lg. Afonso Albuquerque, 16 A - 2710-519 Sintra. 
Thank you, that seems to answer my question. I will try one of these locations when I am next in Portugal.


Actually I am particularly annoyed with MEO as I had already phoned 16200 to downsize my contract to telephone line + internet only back in April. No formal advice was given to me by MEO support how to rid myself of the Set Top Box for which I am  and have been paying €5 plus per month since then for something which I no longer wish to use. I do not want MEO TV anymore, just internet and line rental. The channels on MEO TV are of zero interest to me.


MEO should have come immediately to my apartment to collect the box. Why should I have to travel 50 kilometres plus to get rid of it? And why couldn't the local agent for MEO accept it anyway?


The service is not good enough!