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  • 7 Abril 2020
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Dear ,

The MEO seller told us that we can get a Television for free, if we pay by debet monthly.

The seller told us that ones the fiber connection is donne, MEO wil send us a code to pay the 100€. First hat is the procedure to do that? Second: how can we order that television?

Kind regards



3 respostas

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just ask to connect MEO service and give right address and wait for the center call

Hi Paulo,

Just ask? ...

Who must we ask?

Witch telephonenr?

Witch mail adress?

How must we just ask to connect MEO services?

Many thanks Robert

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Hello @RobertDM, I suggest you wait for the gift voucher to be sent. It must contain instructions on how to claim the offer. I deduce that it will be in the online store, there’s a field to Redeem gift codes. You can validate the situation with the commercial support line at (they call you back asap) (Check fiber coverage also check Television stock availability) Information about the Bundles you are asking for, here