Suport to the clients

  • 22 August 2020
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Have a problem with french pack-go to loja in Guia and talk about this. Receive an SMS how say all is OK. Turn on the TV and not working- Go to the loja in Guia, talk again, was friday 21 and one people say a technician will call you between 9 and 12 the saturday morning.

No call until 12.05- go again to the loja in Guia and talk again but write a complain in the complain book. What kind of entreprise is MEO, people how works for nothing for this peopple is a shame for the compagny and have to have to work like incompetent worker. They are better for to talk that for to work. I never see this, such a great lack of respect towards customers. Handyman work’s better!


Have to wait until next week and we are saturday and in the end will be a week !!



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