No Guia TV on MEO Android box !!!

  • 25 June 2022
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Changed from Satellite to Fibra and now find that there is NO GUIA TV with the stupid 4k Android box, WTF??!!  To find a program now and on next  one would have to select 100+ channels individually which is impossible! What cretinous moronic imbecille decded to make MEO TV unusable to normal people?

I have never dealt with any company so utterly incompetent ate every level, from shops that cannot help and put you on a telephone which cust off to unusable home TV systems that are noteven  usable by reasonably clever people. I cannot understand how a company can be so utterly incompetent at every level.


2 respostas

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No botão do meio abre a barra tem que ir aos 4 quadrados e aparece o guia tv.

Na seta para baixo também abre .

Na seta para cima também abre,  E pode ver a programação do canal.


That is not a TV Guide, that is a meaningless channel list. It says nothing about what’s on next. Without the scrolling grid like the Satellite TV guide, the Meo box is useless to us and most others. It is impossible to plan an evening’s viewing. There is no way anyone is going to scroll through 70+ channels individially.

Unless they can supply me with an older box that  has a TV guide, I am going to cancel MEO TV and I advise others to do the same. The new android box has severly reduced functionality. It’s also set for google and anal-ytic firm sto crawl right up your butt.

Also, the stupid “zapping” personalisation settings don’t stick, to select the top selection bar you have to press down and the lower one up, and the whole whole thing is idiotically themed. The whole thing is too idiotic to be useful to us.

Also, when you get a list of channels it shows you what’s on and nearly finishing but not what is on next, FFS!!!

And who actually uses the ridiculous “talk to the remote gimmick???

It’s as useless as the Meo lojas that put you on a phone waiting in a call queue in the shop instead of actually helping you.