How to cancel a contract?

  • 17 Julho 2021
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I have had a contact with MEO for many years and spent a lot of money with you.

I am now leaving the country and want to give 30 days notice of cessation of contract as per your terms and conditions.

We have been to the shop in Aqua Portimão and they said they can not do it and that we must call.  The customer services man on the phone said that the shop can do it….   We have called 16200 4 times (over 2 hours on hold) and been told that someone will return our call & no one calls back.  I have been on Twitter and the response was that they give is that they do their best to answer calls as soon as they can and to go on My MEO client are to cancel.  When I tried this and looked up how to do this it is not actually possible.

I will come to your shop in Aqua Portimão again.  I expect to be treated better than I was last time.

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the quickest way is to go to a meo store and fill out a cancelation form.