Disconnecting MEO ADSL Set Top Box

  • 31 October 2015
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I have a question concerning the disconnection of a MEO ADSL Set Top Box.


What exact work has to be done at my residence to disconnect an ADSL Set Top Box?


As far as I can see there is nothing more to do than simpy unplugging the Ethernet cable from the ADSL Router at the back of the MEO Box, and unplugging the power cable. 


If I  have done all that myself and returned the MEO ADSL Set Top Box in person to a main MEO service shop, please conform that there is absolutely no need for a MEO service technician to come to my residence to do anything.


Please confirm that any other work concerning disconnecting my TV service, is simply a contract change and servicing at the MEO exchange.


Please confirm that the MEO ADSL Set Top Box is nothing more than a TV over Internet signal decoder, that it is hardcoded to access fixed internet IP addresses for the TV stations it is set up to connect to, and that without it I can receive no MEO TV service.



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Hello BritUser,

You can request the desactivation of Meo Box through the MEO Client Area.

After asking the desactivation, the procedure involves delivering the MEO MEO BOX in a store.

You can disconnect yourself the box, but it´s better to first request the desactivation of Meo Box through the MEO Client Area to guarantee that you don´t have extra cost of days of non-use of box.

I am afraid your answer was not fully comprehensive enough. I am going to document here how all this took place.


Indeed disconnection of the MEO Set Top Box does not require an engineer to visit your home. Just pull out the power plug and disconnect its ethernet cable. Return this to a main MEO Shop [Loja] get a receipt there that they have taken it into their care.


The engineer who came also removed and took away the old Thomson ADSL router and replaced it with a very standard Technicolor TG582n ADSL Router. He used the same splitter and cables, and configuration of connection of cables that the former Thomson one used. The new router used a different pass key from the Thomson one. All this is very standard when you install a new router.


I could have done all of that by myself without the need to wait around for a technician to come out on a site visit to our home. Indeed I could have returned the old router to a main MEO shop by myself. The Technicolor TG582n ADSL Router is a very bog standard router which you buy for yourself in any electrical store. You can set all of this up by yourslef if you know what you are doing. There is no need for you to wait for an engineer to come to your home, which can be extremely inconvenient if you are very busy person.



Just one further matter. Downgrading the speed of the ADSL service from 24 Mbits/sec to 12 Mbits/sec is something which a PT engineer does in the telephone exchange, not in your home.
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Yes, the downgrading of speed is something that it is done remotely. However the possibility to downgrade depends on the type of packet you have. We suggest to to add also this question in the Client Area.