Where to report suspicious phone calls on behalf of MEO?

  • 8 Janeiro 2020
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Boas, how  can I report suspicious phone calls on behalf of MEO?

Today, I was contacted via 963157326.

The lady on the other end of the line claimed, that she was from the technical team of MEO, and was asking all kind of personal data from me. After I told her, that I was working, and I asked her to cut to the chase and inform me why she had contacting me on the first place, she just hanged up…  :(



1 resposta

Hi I received the same phone calls she confirmed my address. She was very disgusting. I hunged up. I didn't allowed meo to call me so must be a fraud to me. After two years of calls every day from telemarketer I founded the way to unflag the permission. They called every single day !!! I am not happy with these calls. Can somebody confirm if this number was meo?