Patrocínio no hóquei de mesa

  • 23 February 2022
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Olá. Boa Tarde. Hello.

I am a Swedish citizen, living in Lagos 50% since 2016, and before visiting Lagos since 2004.  I totally love Portugal.

My question is: Would MEO be supporting the newest “Selecão portuguêsa” in the upcoming European Cup?  

I am talking about “Table Hockey” (hóquei de mesa) and that the international federation has accepted the Portuguese federation to attend to the European cup in June 2022 at Kranj, Slovenia.

Would you be prepared to help an extremely new sport in Portugal with shirts and perhaps some aid to the the travel expences?

More info about the sport at “” or please contact me at, I will gladly supply all the information about this, sending pictures or film clip about what we are talking about.


In Portugal, this is a new sport, but world wide, there are more than 15,000 players active.


Again, thank you for reading this far, my phone number is: 965 519 941 (MEO of course) or my Swedish cell: +46733227711.

my e-mail:




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@Micael56 For sponsorships please go to, and fill in the information and after analysis you will be contacted.


Ninguem respondar minha perguntas…


Nao tenho muito tempo agora!

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Usou o formulário de contacto conforme indicado acima? 



fui usar o formulário. 

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duas semanas atrás e antes ontem 

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Não sei qual é o tempo de resposta esperado... pode ser que ainda digam alguma coisa. 


will meet the printing company  soon. 


no action yet from Altice/MEO