How can I ask for payment in installments?

  • 23 November 2021
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I do not have a contract with MEO anymore, but I still have some left unpaid bills due to a job loss. I got the letter for Ana Claudia Pereira advogada, for two of these bills (I have 3 non payed), where she is saying that I can ask for the payments in installments, but I am unable to find anywhere any kind of contact, where I will be able to do it in a written form. I am unable to find email addresses for Meo, or to the advogada, so I really not know how to pay my debt in two-three installments. Can somebody help me with some kind of contact for my problem? I am not speaking very good Portuguese, so the phone line is not much of a use, because I get lost in the meu every time... 

Thank you in advance.


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When you phone the commercial support line 16200 press “9” to be forwarded to an assistant. Otherwise you can do those kind of request in a MEO store near you. 

I want to pay my bills but not right now but next invoice i will clear bills but i dont want you to stop my Internet i will pay all in next invoice 

I get message to get pay today and today i dont get my salary so next month i will pay all so ii dont want to stop my Internet 

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Hi, the suspension of service due to late payment is not immediate. Therefore, the limitations will be the communications ceiling that you have in your tariff.