about monthly payment

  • 17 Junho 2020
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Hi I’m Dileepa. I already by 3 phones from MEO few months before . Until covid virus start every month I paid exact day. But after covid I lost my job and I couldn’t pay to 3 phones. But now I got a new job . And now I can start to pay to the 3 phones. But last week I received a massage from MEO to pay all the money at once. It means  705.19 euro. I don’t have that much money to pay at once. As I paid before monthly around 40 to 50 euro I can continue pay. Please do something. I would like to pay. Send me the invoice  by sms. 

2 respostas

I’d strongly suggest both of you to contact the customer service . This is a public forum and 99% of user here are just customers as you are. 

Hello...i am using meo internet and every month i pay through atm but this month there is no reference no.for payment and my direct debit is also not working so how coulf i pay my bill?