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  • 15 March 2023
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Hello MEO Members,


Since 5 months I’m trying to cancel my MEO mobile number due to moving to Israel. I was trying to contact +351 961 001 620 few times, but after receiving the answer I was promised that one of the representatives will call me back to my Israeli number. It never happened. Nobody called me back. For this reason, I decided to cancel the payment from my Bank Account in Portugal. So my question is: How can I contact MEO if it’s not by phone. Is there an email which I can contact? Also, I tried to enter my MEO, however, I can’t add my phone number in “Adicionar produto ao my MEO”. I receive the following reply: “ Não foi possível efetuar o registo.

O teu MOCHE agora tem uma nova área de cliente, regista o teu cartão no my MOCHE.”


Once I go to  my MOCHE and trying to add the number, I receive the following message:



Este cartão já não é válido, pede um novo cartão aqui.”


Number in question: 926734237

Thanks for your support, 

Michael Shaulov 


Solução por Luís_MEO 21 March 2023, 12:45

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Hello @Michael Shaulov , in order to get assistance for your specific questions you can use the e-mail