no way to communicate with Meo by email for complaints

  • 31 Janeiro 2019
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Today our electricity went off...tried to call the number listed on the EDP bill on my cell phone and got the message not registered on the network...I am using a Meo phone and when I called EDP after the electricity came back on with my land line, I was told that ALL Portuguese cell phones can call the number...I could not call the number until the electricity was restored...then I searched your site for a place to email my complaint and could not find anywhere on the site...also when I logged in whenever I looked under a subject I had to log in again...this is the worst web site I have ever seen..not designed to aid the customer...please fix.

2 respostas

Good morning @gregory baker

It is possible to open a request and describe your issue through MyMeo.

MyMeo is an online costumer account were you can add ( yes, you have to add them) and manage your services, view invoices and many other options.
When there's some kind of problem, you can contact Meo by opening a request (criar pedido).

If you prefer you can use the following numbers:

16209 - tech support
16200 - general support and invoices

16202 - advanced tech support (software and hardware)

If you still have any doubts don't hesitate to ask.

Kind regards
Meo is the worst service provider i have come across.
Even after being in africa over 40 years,their business ethics and attention is proffessional,far from Meo in portugal
E P Silva