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  • 9 Janeiro 2016
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Good day,


 I've just purchased an iPhone 5s from a friend but it seems to be carrier locked on TMN Portugal.

 Do you have any suggestions as what can I do to get an unlock from the carrier? I can't seem to find any third party websites that could unlock this phone with one exception (OfficialiPhoneUnlock), a british team that asks £60 for the permanent unlock.


 Isn't there a for I could complete at the MEO/TMN website that could grant me the unlocking of the device?

Thanks in advance,


4 respostas

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If you bought a iphone during between 11.12.2015 to 02.08.2016 you can unlock free:https://www.meo.pt/desbloquear?HP_MEO=2.0

Which phones can unlock under this campaign?
Can unlock free all mobile phones like "smartphone", which are locked to the MEO network, and have been purchased, or have had a first use in MEO network, between 11.12.2015 to 02.08.2016. Additionally, when purchasing a new smartphone, you can still free unlock your mobile phone of any kind, blocked the MEO network, which has a first use in MEO network between 01.01.2010 and 31.12.2013. The unlock request of the new phone and the current phone should be done simultaneously in MEO site.


Thank you for your quick reply,

 Unfortunately I am unable to buy a new smartphone and enjoy this campaign. Is there another way to unlock my phone wich I bought it in December 2013.

 If I need to pay I will gladly do. I can't seem to find a link to this kind of thing on meo website.


Thank you again in advance
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OK, if it´s not a new phone you can use the link and simulate the the amount you have to pay to unlock:


In this page you have all the informations and FAQ´s.


 €862,38 to unlock a 2+ yo iPhone 5s 16GB? That doesn't sound good, with this kind of money I could buy a new iPhone 6s Plus 64GB model.

 Thank you for the help provided, see you around 🙂