Incorrectly charged

  • 15 November 2016
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I had recently taken a MEO connection on contract for 24 months. I received a message yesterday stating that the consumption beyond 170 Euros and so my connection is temporarily disconnected. What kind of service is this? Nobody called me regarding the same. Also, I had insisted multiple times on the call that I was having with the customer service for contract, I would be interested in taking this option only if call to india was free. He said YES everytime and now I get a message like this. I AM NOT ABLE TO REACH THROUGH TO THE CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM ALSO. While the internet connection was good, the service lacks professionalism.

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3 respostas

I want to verify that the weekend calls to the USA are free and also weekday calls after 21:00 and before 9:00. This is what I was told but don’t see it anywhere in contract papers. I also read a complaint that somebody was charged.


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what it is your phone plan?

I managed to find out from MEO that the only free calls on any plan are between 9pm and pam, including weekends