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  • 13 August 2014
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Hi everyone,

I will be coming to Portugal (Lisbon) in September to study, but I don't yet speak Portuguese (I am hoping to learn it in time). I could hardly get to this forum using Google Translate, so I appologise if your website already contains answers to my following questions :)


1) Is it possible to get a SIM by post or do I have to visit one of the MEO branches? If I have to visit a branch, what is the closest one to Lisbon Airport?

2) Is it possible to top up the SIM online using a credit card? If not, where can I do that in Lisbon?



1 resposta

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Not sure if you can get a SIM Card by mail, but you can definitely get one when you arrive.
Please check the MEO Store finder to check wich store fits you better.
You can choose a pré-paid SIM Card.
When you need to refill it you can just go to a MEO Store or a MEO agent.