Expiration date for SIM card??

  • 25 April 2015
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Hopefully someone here can replay on my question in english :D
I have sim card from meo, I got it aproximate one and half year ago. I would like to know is this card still works?

I need it because I'll come back to Portugal in few days and I would like to have pt. number.

I have this data on card No: XXXXX XXXXXXXX


Obrigada :D:D

4 respostas

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Hello, @@Višnja


Welcome to MEO Fórum. Please do not, under any circunstances, publicly post any personal data or contact numbers, since it goes against our privacy policy.


It would greatly depend on what plan you have on it. If it's a subscription plan, then you'll most likely, have it still activated. It it is a pre-paid, then you would need to make, at least one paid phone call, every 90 days, to keep it activated. If the latter, being the case, chances are, you will need to purchase a new sim card.




Sorry I didn't know I shouldn't post anything about card :D

I don't know is it prepaid or postpaid card. I never used this card. Is there any internacional number I can call to get more information ?




I'm also interestedcontact with the MEO service regarding the same issue as Višnja. A phone or preferably an email will do.


I also have a MEO card (from TMN old days in fact) and I do not have a strict control on its usage since I emigrated 7 years ago. I remember it was active in Jan. 2015 but now I cannot do nothing with it, though I did a top-up of 10€ ... no SMS arrived.




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Hello, @@Višnja and @@nunolf


Yes, there is an international service number you can use 24/7, regarding mobile network service: + 351 16 96 000


There is an additional number for general information purposes: + 351 96 100 09 60


And, there are both facebook and twitter webpages:





Also, you can register a new client account (if you don't have one yet), at https://cliente.meo.pt/ and register your cell phone number. There you can view the sim card status and all sorts of information about your sim card's plan, including phone call log. You can even, make requests for services and help. It probably won't be that easy, but maybe with the help of google translate.