Does sim card expire?

  • 16 May 2020
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I've had my MEO number for 4 years now. I usually spend half year in Portugal and then half year abroad. Even when I returned to Portugal after 16 months, the number was still working.

Last year I changed to the FLEX option. So every week I paid 4 euros (only if I did top-up and had enough credit on the phone).

I left Portugal 6 months ago and today I wanted to check if the sim was still working. But it doesn't connect to any net. Could it be blocked because I have been inactive and didn't do top-ups for too long? 

In the past it didn't matter but maybe because I booked the flex-option, things changed? 

I don't want to lose my number because I will go back to Portugal next year hopefully. 

Thanks in advance for your help 


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