confusion with my bill?

  • 31 July 2022
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Hi I posted this question a cpl of weeks ago.

I opened a new contract with meo for a mobile with Internet. 

The deal I spoke with the agent on line was for 3500 texts 3500 talk time and 5GB DATA.

It was explained to me this package would cost me €15.99 p/ month.

I have a note in diary prompting me the direct debit order was set up.

I have checked in my meo and the package is listed as being €25.99 p/ month?

This is definitely not what we discussed. 

I have added an international calls package for 1 month at a cost of €7.99 so presumed it may be the reason for the discrepancy. 

I have now cancelled the international calls and the value is still showing as €25.99 p month.

Anyone have any information on the different deals available or can explain the issue.

I haven't contacted meo yet as my Portuguese is not very strong.

Tia for replies. BD.


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