Calls and Internet access for international travel

  • 28 May 2023
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Next month, I will be traveling outside of Europe , I know that using Meo's phone card is expensive for calls and internet when traveling internationally, so I don't plan to use it. 


I was wondering if I should turn off certain features when I leave Portugal to avoid incurring these charges? Or, do I not need to turn off certain features and just don't make calls or access the internet to not pay these charges.


 I would like to get answers and advice, thanks!


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1st of all, turn off auto-update on playstore / apps store


the best way to avoid extra charging for data use, turn it off, use only free wifi (if available), most countries have free wifi on most places. it’s less expensive buying a card in that country to use for the time you are there (pre-pay’d) that using any foreigner card

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Thank you for your reply

Am I understanding this correctly?

I don't need to turn off these features on Meo's website, but just reduce calls and try to avoid using mobile networks on my phone and go to WI-FI instead.

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Tire o cartão e use só Wi-Fi.

Não percebo a dúvida.

E também existe o tradutor Google.