How to cancel fixed line services

  • 11 April 2022
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Hello MEO,

I wish to cancel my fixed line services. You do not want me to have a fibre connection, so I have obtained a service from Starlink

  1. I went to MyMeo and
  2. Clicked on ao símbolo de mensagens
  3. Then I clicked on Criar pedido
  4. and Selected o tema e o assunto: ​ ​​
  • T​​ema: Conta de cliente
  • Assunto: Cessar serviços

But that is as far as the website allows me to go… No option to

5. Para avançar para o formulário, selecionar Continuar pedio

I can understand that you do not want to lose my fixed line business but blocking me from cancelling your slow, unreliable ADSL service is rather unfair.

What do i do now?



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5 respostas

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You may go to a store.


The store does not accept cancellations. They will only arrange a call from one of their agents. You can call 16200 to get a call from an agent. The agent then asks you to send a letter and the cancellation form to MEO using the MyMEO website…. AHAHAHAHA

Fortunately there is also an address in Porto that you can send the form and letter to… (registered mail)

Let´s see if that works...


OK - it turns out that the MEO website works with iPad Safari. I was able to work through the cessar serviços dialogue and upload a photo of the cancellation request form. So now MEO has two requests to cease fixed line services.

Let´s see what happens.


Had a call from MEO today. They will pick up the unwanted equipment next month. So it can be done...

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Keep a proof of the delevery with the serial numbers.