How do you email Meo???

  • 20 Abril 2017
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I have had a problem for months with a hissing on my landline and have written to Meo many, many times but got no reply!

FINALLY, someone telephoned me and after much switching on and off of equipment and "Please Wait"'s, it was decided that my phone had a fault and that the chap would send me a new one within 5 working days.

Much to my suprise, the new phone arrived, and on time! BUT

The man also asked me to return the old one and said that there would be details of how to do that enclosed with the new phone.

There was not!

As I cannot contact MEO by email as they have hidden their address so well, I am writing this on here so that anyone who is interested can see that I WANT to return my old, broken phone to them BUT DO NOT KNOW HOW!

3 respostas

They have no email , the idea is making you talk with a person with persuasive skills to let you down on whatever you want to. As you dont need the phone just send it through the window. If they charge you later switch to another operator. The way they treat their clients is abusive and disonest so...
Not only can't i find their email, but their international contact number is blocked.  Trying to resolve an issue my elderly mother is having.  Can anyone tell me how to reach MEO from the USA.  Sooo frustrating!!!

Yes, they provide a pretty shitty service to customers, and that is why they want nothing documented in writing, hence no way to email them!

Plus what they offer or agree to do by telephone depends upon the integrity of the person who took the call….and 80% of the time they never deliver what they promise.

My own new contract signed last April (April 2019) is still not delivering the services contracted for, nor has my billing been reduced; in fact, I am paying MORE than my original contract I had before signing up for a new one - how’s that for service!