cancellation of contract

  • 28 Março 2018
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Hello MEO,

I want to cancel the contract of my telephone,

because the adress no longer exists and I have moved back to my homeland.


How does it work? Is there a form to fill out?


Kindest regards,


4 respostas

Hi MEO pt
I want to cancel the contracto my internet and telephone,because the address no longer exists and moved now I am in Germany .how does it work ? Is there a form to fill out ?

Kindest Regards
Amandeep Singh


i would like to cancel my contact because I am moving in another place. From 1st of Abril .thank you .

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To cancel the service: Download the form according to your service: MEO Rede Mobile service termination form (mobile phone and mobile internet) MEO Rede Fixa service termination form (telephone, fixed internet and television) Enter my MEO with your MEO ID credencials; Access the message symbol (the envelope in the upper left corner); Click Create order; Fill in the order fields, indicating: in Theme: Request in the Subject: Request for Termination Choose the product you want to cancel; Attach the scanned copy of the completed and signed form; Click Submit order. After creating the order, wait for a contact from us.

Being in lock down in Scotland we would like to temporary suspend our service under your Law 7/20 exceptional and temporary SARS- COV-2 epidemic response regimes.  Finding it very difficult to do this on our .  Also find it very difficult to contact you, with no email or telephone numbers .