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  • 28 Março 2018
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Hello MEO,

I want to cancel the contract of my telephone,

because the adress no longer exists and I have moved back to my homeland.


How does it work? Is there a form to fill out?


Kindest regards,


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7 respostas

Hi MEO pt
I want to cancel the contracto my internet and telephone,because the address no longer exists and moved now I am in Germany .how does it work ? Is there a form to fill out ?

Kindest Regards
Amandeep Singh


i would like to cancel my contact because I am moving in another place. From 1st of Abril .thank you .

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To cancel the service: Download the form according to your service: MEO Rede Mobile service termination form (mobile phone and mobile internet) MEO Rede Fixa service termination form (telephone, fixed internet and television) Enter my MEO with your MEO ID credencials; Access the message symbol (the envelope in the upper left corner); Click Create order; Fill in the order fields, indicating: in Theme: Request in the Subject: Request for Termination Choose the product you want to cancel; Attach the scanned copy of the completed and signed form; Click Submit order. After creating the order, wait for a contact from us.

Being in lock down in Scotland we would like to temporary suspend our service under your Law 7/20 exceptional and temporary SARS- COV-2 epidemic response regimes.  Finding it very difficult to do this on our .  Also find it very difficult to contact you, with no email or telephone numbers .

I have been trying to reach someone at MEO for nearly 4 months, to cancel our subscription, i am based in the UK and do not have the paperwork with Meo client number so am unable to access the customer section on the website, neither am i able to call internationally on my phone contract.  I have FINALLY received a reply to an email i sent who have advised that i need to send a letter, access through the MEO website (which im unable to having explained not having relevant MEO account info) or by phone (again which ive explained i am unable to do), i am happy to write  a letter of cancellation however, no address or department info was given on where to send this to.  Also, what information is required in the letter (if i dont know my MEO account number?) any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated (i noted the link above someone from MEO posted, however, this is in portugese and i am unable to translate, also it requests customer account info...which i dont have!   Please can someone help?    From reading through the forums, it seems im not only one is beyond frustrated with how difficult this company makes it to get in contact!


Hello my meo contract is going to finish on 18 march .how can I cancel the contract ? I  heard that we can do it from client area .but how ? And what we have to do?

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@Deepak Adhikari 

Take a look:

​Cancelar o meu serviço