Activating Roaming



Desculpe por escrever em inglês, mas meu português é horrível...

I'm from Spain, but working/travelling very often to Portugal, so last week I decided to buy a MEO SIM card in order to have my own Portuguese number. I'm trying to use it in Spain, but it does not connect to any network (I tried to choose a network manually but all the networks seem forbidding to me). I guess that the problem is that I did not ask MEO to active roaming for my phone number.

Furthermore, when I'm trying to register my phone number on the MEO website, the following error code pops up!


"O seu cartão encontra-se num estado inválido"


Could please someone from support confirm me the problem or help me out?


Thanks in advance!

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I had a similar problem. I bought the MEO Connected Holidays 30GB card in Lisbon and loaded it with €7,50. When I arrived in Spain, the roaming wasn't working. The problem was that the default Internet APN wasn't set up correctly . I had to create a new access point with APN set to: internet (all lowercase). After that the roaming worked.