Voip configurar - sip android or siemens Gigaset C475

  • 3 Maio 2019
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Ola, descuplo para escreve em ingles! mas, o meu portuguese esta muito mal!

I have fibre and cannot get voip to work on sip android app or siemens gigaset C475.

I have:

  1. entered client area on internet and selected voip number (x1)
  2. entered a password
  1. On siemens Gigaset C475- entered

a. Authenicatian name = +35130xxxxxxxxxxx (voip number from client area on meo website)
b. Authenication password = xxxxxxxxx
c. User name = +35130xxxxxxx
d. Domian =
e. register port = 5060
f. Proxy =
g.proxy port = 5070
h. STUN enabled = no, just while I wait for log in to work.

But these details do not work. I have also tried to use and For me, this also does not work.
The siemens is connect to ethernet port of the router.
My fixed line telephone is connected to VOIP port on router and it does work.

Can anyone help?

Muito obrigado.

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