• 28 Julho 2020
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We ordered a new package deal with unlimited internet. We made the appointment for installation. I the day of supposed installation and n one came, we called Meo only to be told that they could not provide the promised,  and  contractually agreed upon, service. So, back to square one. We finally managed to settle on satellite service and opted to buy their “promotional” TV for 34.95. Installation day set and low and behold at the end of the day (literally) the technicians arrived. This too was in June. After 2 weeks, I called MEO “customer service” who said they had no record of this but would look into it. After several phone calls from my end (they tend to hang up when not able to answer the question), I received confirmation that yes they had received our payment in June and the TV should be there within a couple of days. Now, another 10 days later, still no TV, still no refund of money paid, still no apology or contact from MEO, I am wondering how many other have been RIPPED OFF like us and received absolutely NO CUSTOMER SERVICE WHATSOEVER. I even wrote to their HQ with the result that they also stated the TV should be arriving soon as they had no TV’s in stock. Well, how on earth can you sell products you do not have? As with the original service booked, I guess that this too will be up to me to take to the courts to get my money back. As for the miserable TV (only to be used as a monitor for my work), I wish I had never taken them up on their “offer” because it has cost me more in time and money calling them and chasing it with still no results whatsoever. The reason they don't provide any customer service is because they want to discourage people from complaining. 

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