My contract mystery

  • 25 April 2022
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In January 3 2022 I visited Meo Store in Mar Shopping. I accepted a special offer of Internet Services with my router for Euros 20 per month. I signed a contract and gave my bank details and my e-mail address. I was told that the contract will arrive by e-mail. In April I went to the same store to ask David why my contract had not arrived. I found out that they had made a mistake in copying my e-mail address. So I asked them to print a copy of my signed contract but they could not do it. I have tried three times phoning the 006200 number but after 20 minutes of holding the phone each time I got tired. I cant find the Customer Complaints form on their website and no e-mail address where I can contact them. They have started sending me bills of Euros 30.00 per month. So if they can send me bills they must have my contract with my signature. I am still waiting for my contract and they have cut off my service because I refuse to pay more than what I signed for. I will surely pay Euros 30 and close the service if they show me that I signed a Euros 30 contract. Somebody has to investigate this company.

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