MEO GO version 5.2.0

  • 5 August 2022
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Updated to 5.2.0 2 days ago on my iPad, now the app says “Updating” please try again later. Another issue it created, it says “MEO” as TV provider is not available at this time, please try again later. I think 2 days is more than enough later for the MEO Go service I am paying for. After more than 10 years with MEO, I think it is time to see what NOS can do. Another thing with the new app, why is it only vertical screen, I always use my iPad horizontal. MEO has screwed up big time with this release, and why can’t we go back to the old version, at least it worked. I have tried un-installing the app and re-installing, restarting my iPad, airplane mode on and off, wifi on and off, changing to my other network in the house, 5G and non 5G and still will not start, only says updating, please try  again later. 

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