I want to communicate with meo in english

  • 26 July 2021
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I request to get my bills and other communication in english. My portuguese is not good enough to explain my requests in Portugues.

Additionally I want to communicate via email. My neighbours have telefone contact with meo and they complain about very poor performance for over a year now and nothing happens. The problem solving of meo is a huge bullshit.


It has to improve because I have already an offer from a big American company in my email for using their satelite internet and phone offers.


2 respostas

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Hello @gerhardhiemer 

What you request is not possible. We are a Portuguese company operating in Portugal, therefor we do not have bills in English. As for the email, we do not provide an email for communications. You can talk to us in English via client area my MEO, call center or shops.

I tried to talk to your technicans. They send me any bullshit but don’t answer my questions.

I also have neighbours who wait for the fixing of their line now for 10 month. I am not sure what this telefone bullshit is about because none of the problems are solved when the customers telephone with your company. As I wrote in my letter there is an American company soon offering a competing service in Portugal and if you want to stay in business then learn the words customer satisfaction and costumer oriented problem solving. I want to know which other modem I can use for your network because your modem is not working properly and is a big security risk with one user for all modems.