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  • 9 June 2023
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I would like to register a complaint with you. I visited one of your stores to question my billing and was very surprised to note that I am being charged for a service that I have no knowledge of.

In October 2021, you started to bill me for the below :



 CONSUMOS                      01 mar a 31 mar

Comunicações Móveis Nacionais 5 Conteúdos - Digitais especiais – Subscrição

Total Telemóvel 9,951

I am told it is a subscription to some sort of cooking service. I am also told that it is something I had actively subscribed to.

ANACOM have informed me of your responsibilities for record keeping : Cabe ao operador provar que autorizou expressamente a realização do pagamento de bens ou serviços prestados por terceiros (outra empresa), devendo guardar a declaração de consentimento durante a vigência do contrato e do prazo de prescrição do procedimento contraordenacional (3 anos para micro ou pequena empresa ou 5 anos para média ou grande empresa).

I fully dispute this signing up process and I would ask that you provide the proof of the sign up without delay.


Solução por Ricardo27 9 June 2023, 11:06

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4 respostas

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This is a public forum with 99,9% clients. You have to contact MEO to verify the situation:

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Thanks for the link Ricardo. I’ve been speaking with Meo people, they do not seem to “get it” so what I am really looking for is an email address so I can detail the case… but Meo doesn’t seem to be open to those...

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There is no email address for customer support. Use your MYmeo area to submit your complain:

Como criar um pedido ou reclamação no my MEO

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Thanks again for your advice Ricardo. Hopefully I can get all the info to them and get this looked into properly.