• 22 January 2021
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Does anyone know how to get in contact with the MEO technical support by email?


Solução por Ricardo27 22 January 2021, 11:58

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5 respostas

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There is no email available for tecnical suport. You have to dial 16209.

Crachá +1

There should be an email available.

My Portuguese is bad, their English is bad. The common understanding will be much better in written conversation.

Also, at least previously, MEO had a very strong principle not to serve any client who does not have a local phone number. I have a European phone number and am not prepared to get an extra Portuguese number just because MEO personnel does not know how to phone a European number.

So the logical solution is that the technical department finds someone who is able to write emails. They may write in Portuguese, I will use Google translate if needed.

Crachá +1

I note that no one at MEO has any interest in this item.

How does MEO serve people with hearing problems? Such people might have internet service from MEO.


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Use the “pedidos e mensagens” section in the customer area.



Cliente, número: 137 199 57 32 

Estou surpreso ao receber outra fatura, pois parei minha assinatura através do seu site em 23/02/2021.

Como não falo português nem inglês, é impossível resolver meu problema por telefone