Pedidos concluidos sem contacto/ resolucao

  • 15 Novembro 2017
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Boa tarde

Alguem de Meo pode ajudar-me faz favor?
Quando tento de ligar MEO, nao consigo a falar com alguem (uma vez esperava mais que uma hora) e quando abro um pedido no area de cliente se fecham o pedido sem resolucao/ contacto.

Tenho problemas com o ADSL desde Outubro 25


ps: apologies for any spelling mistakes!

3 respostas

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@@WoutahM Podes sempre efetuar uma deslocação à loja se é um caso urgente , podes verificar a mais proxima ao clicares aqui .


De momento essa , a linha 16200 ou 16209 ( area técnica ) e a Área de Cliente são as unicas opções , ou podes esperar que um moderador encaminhe o teu pedido .

Boa sorte.




@@WoutahM You can always make a trip to the store if it is an urgent case, you can check the closest one by clicking here.


At the moment stores , 16200 or 16209 ( technical support ) and the Client Area are the only options, or you can wait for a moderator to forward your request.

Good luck.
Thanks for your reply. 
My internet/ ADSL line is having many interruptions every day and this for over a month now.
Everytime I log a ticket, it just gets closed. No-one gets in touch even though they sometimes state they've done so, or they simply delete the call you log.

I then thought, ok, i'll log a complaint to hopefully receive some help and the same thing happens; they close it without any reaction whatsoever.


I'm amazed by the level of amateurism in the MEO helpdesk, I really am. I never encountered a company who completely ignores a complaint from a customer who's kindly been requesting help jus to get a normal level of service for the product he pays for.


I guess I'll have to go to the shop although in the past they seem to look up the call and then say "it's in progress, there's nothing else i can do".


Looks like I'm stuck here.
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In view of your situation I advise you to contact the 16200, option 4 and option 5, in the contractual management department, they can send the technical request with greater urgency ...

Regarding ADSL, It can be related to the equipment or even the line, so 16209, is the only line that can check the situation in the actual call , carrying out analyzes and also if necessary scheduling a trip to your house , I advise you to call if the situation persists.

And it is not the fact of ignoring the requests, many times these requests (if you make several) are attached, from there you receive the information that it was closed, however it is a complicated situation for what you explain ... I wish you good luck @@WoutahM , if anything happens , keep us updated