MEO router domain has been hacked, when the problem would be fixed?

  • 3 March 2023
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I would need to change the password to my home wi-fi because it is not secure. When I try to do it by entering https// written at the label of the router, the computer alerts that the site I'm trying to access has been hacked and tries to steal passwords and bank account details. Pretty dangerous for all the users, so in my opinion MEO or Altice should take a look at the situation as soon as possible. When could it be fixed?


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Why are you using https://?

Router access should be only (without http or https). This is a indoor access, in other words in your own home network.

Thank you for the information. The problem is solved by a visit of technician. Something was not correct with the line, which did not have nothing to do with the password problem that got fixed too. Good to have professionals to take care of us, who do not know :) With MEO it works