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  • 30 Agosto 2019
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Boa tarde. No dia 20AGO2019 quando foi ativado o serviço MEO (pacote com telemóveis) recebi nos dois nºs um SMS da MEO com a seguinte oferta : "A partir de agora tem mais 1GB por mes de internet movel. Oferta valida por 24 meses. Aproveite! Obrigado". Na áera de cliente não foi acrescida a "oferta" nos dois telemóveis,.O que se passou?. Agrdeço resposta

2 respostas

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Mas no saldo nos telemóveis aparece a oferta?
It's amazing how the customers approach it! I signed a Meo By - contract in Madeira Island at the Madeira Forum Office more than 3 weeks ago. Everything was fine at the signing of the contract and I chose the package with internet via fiber optic 500 Mb download for a period of 2 contractual years. I waited a week and someone came from the assembly, who told me that he can put the cable only over the air, over a few houses and on the front of my house, telling him that, being a new house, I built a tube through which this cable can be placed under the access path. The technician said that he is not ready to do this and after 30 minutes and a telephone conversation with his boss left and informed me that I will be contacted. After 3 days I was contacted by telephone and I was told that in a week it will be resolved with the assembly. After another week - yesterday, I went to another office - in the shopping center La Vie in Funchal and I requested information on my contract. Here, the surprise! They checked and my contract was canceled, so I was informed that it would be good to make a new contract. When I asked them to be identical to the previous one, they told me that it is not possible that MEO By is a contract only for the holiday period (??) and that they can offer me the same package of benefits with a plus of 3 euros per month. As if I choose the package I wanted they can only install it with the cable through the air. There is no other way. What do I mean by this? Does MEO not have technicians only if they are paid extra or is it just an offer on Madeira Island for foreign citizens moving here and those from MEO Madeira offices feel that they have to pay more? Or there is a total disinterest of the MEO for new customers and as a result, all the customers who want to subscribe to the MEO to be informed no longer subscribe to the MEO services! I just want to know if it is possible to be connected to the MEO fiber optic with the MEO BY - 500 Mb download package.
Thanks and I expect an answer as soon as possible!