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  • 12 April 2023
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My Portuguese is very bad, desculpe!

I cannot phone MEO because when I attempt it, I cannot understand the Portuguese robot.

All I want, is my account number! 

Then I can manage my invoices etc online!

I am not in Portugal now so this is impossible to go to the store in person, and they do not have a contact number or email.

What can I do?!

3 respostas

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Crachá +22

+351 961 001 620 and press 9..

Obrigado, I will try this

Thanks Drawers, when I press 9 it just goes to another automated stream of options.


If I press 9 again, it goes on to more, and 9 again it starts to ring as if connecting but then just rings out.


Maybe there are no humans there to pick the phone up.