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Hi, I cannot find a support email address so I will try this forum...I joined MEO 2 months ago and was encouraged to add the TV and free 30 minutes of international calls at night- after a month. I was told it costs the same. The first month I was charged about 38,50 after I had been told the first month was free! This month you have made a bill of over 160 euros! I visited MEO in Tavira and they said your system thinks my fathers fixed line in England is a mobile number! The number starts +44 1285 which is a local code for Cirencester in England. My father has no mobile phone!

I want to pay the correct fee for the Internet and TV (About €38.50) but until you correct the bill I cannot pay anything.

The lady in MEO Tavira already sent you an email so please correct the bill and tell me by email.

Also, I did not ask for MEO GO- I do not even know what it is...


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Thank you for correcting the International calls. Now I need the bill reduced to € 38,58 as last month and I am happy.I used NOS before and it was 25 euros. I accepted 38,58 for the faster service but I cannot justify anything more.If the upgraded service I was virtually forced to accept costs €56,72 then please remove it- I agreed specifically to the change on condition it cost me the same.Obrigado, Stephen Howells