• 24 Agosto 2019
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Im trying to desactivate this option (+2 GB internet) that i activated several months ago, now i don't need this option anymore, my surprise is when i try to desactivate from portal , there is a message that inform that i need to call 16 200 to desactivate this option,
when i called that phone number and selected the correct option an agent from call center told me that the correct number is 12300 option 2 6 (isn't correct because the 6 isnt an option, was the 5 but anyway), when i called that number there is only a message that said "isn't available at this moment" an no more info, i called again but there isnt more options or messages.

If this isnt solve in the next 24 hours i'll cut the money from my bank account to this mobile and find other mobile company 😃, its absurd all of this steps to something so easy, its the first time that i spend more than 20 minutes to desactivate an simple option.

Hope that someone from meo give me a proper solution.

Best Regards

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I believe you mean deactivate and you'll have to contact MEO for a proper solution.
You can't solve that kind of problem by posting in a place that's supported by other customers.