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  • 12 October 2022
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Dear MEO,


I am writing this email in disbelief, after having received this invoice. 


The chaotic processes (yes, multiple processes and multiple different instructions every time) of cancelling, and then de-cancelling to change the owner of the contract to the person who were moving into our apartment, are on MEO- not on us.


First, when we signed with MEO we were promised by two salespeople that cancelling within the 2-year contract would not be an issue if we were to move out of the country and service area of MEO (we have now moved from Portugal, to Norway- no MEO here). When we asked to cancel over phone, we were informed that the salespeople had been lying to us, and that there was nothing the support people could do (this is of course incredibly bad customer service and training of employees). 


Second, when we tried to cancel over myMEO were told the only way to cancel the contract was by paying an invoice for the remaining of the months. Obviously, we called your supportline to hear other possibilities, considering what we were promised in the first place. We were then informed that we could change owner of the contract in a MEO store, and let the new tenant take over our 2-year contract, and the remainder of the months.


Third, when we arrived at MEO we were told we could not change owner of the contract on that day, because we had to pay a final bill + wait for the system to reboot overnight. We did that and came back the next day.


Fourth, when we arrived the day after, another service employee told us that we could have done that the day before (we were of course irritated to hear that we had wasted even more time on this). However, we managed to change the contract to the new tenant and a new contract was made in her name, and our contract was terminated.


Fifth, on both visits to the MEO store I asked and got confirmation that if we changed the contract owner, we would not be billed for the remainder of the months, our contract would be terminated and the contract would be valid for the new tenant. To no surprise, this did not happen either. The new contract was cancelled by MEO, and the new tenants had to write a new 2-year contract and pay a higher price than what we did. And now we are being billed for MEO´s mistake.


I am writing this email, and I do not intend to waste any more time on this enterprise neither by phone, email or through bills. Unless a response is under this email, I will not read it or pay attention to it. 


I ask you to immediately cancel this invoice, and close any and all "open" cases on my name. If anything is not in order, rest assured that we have done everything correctly, however your service-, sales- and support workers are constantly changing the premises and rules as they wish. 





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