Condições de contrato incorretas

  • 31 March 2021
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Good afternoon
Thank you for the new conditions.

Unfortunately, the conditions regarding the Internet and the number of channels are incorrect.

The verbal agreement was as follows:
Speed: 500 Mbps | 100 Mbps (download | upload)
Includes 1 WiFi router

200 channels
Includes 1 MEOBox

In addition, there was no statement that there was an installation fee for the box.

Please make the necessary corrections.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Wilfred Ten-Pow Length 

I reported this issue on March 25 by calling 16200. The agent acknowledged that the details of the new contract as the contract was downloaded were incorrect and that the correct copy will be sent the next day. Unfortunately, I still haven't received it. Please send the correct contract.

1 resposta

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Hi, You have to insist on support. 

The services do not provide assistance through this route, because this is a public forum.