• 28 Dezembro 2020
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1- I have a contract with you valid until Feb-2021, but I was shocked that if I didn't send a mail to terminate the contract , I will continue to receive invoices 


the question is,  what is the meaning of expiration?  If it doesn't mean that it will expire,  then what does it mean ?


2-  I received an invoice because of Internet roaming data usage,  but the thing is the mobile sim card had been out of the phone,  so how  can i be charged for an amount that had not been used at all ?


3- what is known in the world that you are not charged for a roaming invoice unless you have answered or made a roaming call, so how can I be charged because my phone had rang but i did not answer the call? 


4- I should wait for at least 45 minutes to have someone who can speak English and reply to my questions , and after that I received the wrong solution, what  a ridiculous service? 


5- how can I use a website that doesn't have the option to convert the language to the English language? 

I can't find any benefit from making a contract with meo , it is not a service,  it is a shit


I want to make a complaint about one of my invoices and also I want to terminate my contract,  but I'm outside Europe,  I need help 

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I am in a ridiculous situation. I ordered MEO (maybe foolishly) at least 4 weeks ago. 

At first a technician arrived and could not install the Fibre service because he didn’t have enough cable and that, because of the length required it would need 2 technicians. 

The service I ordered was Portability of Home Phone, 2 mobile phones, Fibre Cable service and an HD, wi-fi box for use in another room, ie bedroom. The Fibre cable service was eventually installed on Fri 2nd April, 2 sim cards were eventually supplied - 1 activated on Fri 16 Apr and the second sim card should be activated pm Mon 19 Apr. I have spoken to a number of staff on various telephone numbers regarding the supply of the HD box. I have been passed around like a bad smell at each turn. I am still without my ordered HD wi-fi box.

MEO has not fulfilled its contract services as requested and I want MEO to both supply the HD (bedroom) box and advise accordingly.

My last contact was with a MEO guy on tel no: 800209986. He was supposed to transfer me to someone but he cut me off so never got 1600hrs Mon 19th April 2021.


This is appalling