Warrning for comunicacoes’ by mobile internet!!!

  • 29 May 2014
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TMN MEO sends me a ghost note 60  they can not explain themselve!!!!


On several occasions I asked TMN to clarify the reason for this invoice. TMN cannot give a reason and I cannot think of any reason as to why this charge has been made.  

1. It is strange that your help desk assistant could opt me out of this ‘service’, without confirming any of my details with which I must have signed up,  without me even knowing I agreed to any ‘service’.  

2. I have been contacted by help desks staff that informed me I apparently visited an obscure adult content website. I'm sure I have never been on this website, let alone agreed to any subscription. 

3. Further enquiry revealed that it is impossible for a website to charge bills through an internet service provider, unless this website is managed by the provider itself (TMN/MEO). In that case I'm surprised TMN/MEO exploits such websites and this makes it just plain fraudulent.  

4. It is also strange that while apparently this bill in relation to the 3rd of January, it only gets billed in the May invoice. 

2 respostas

Good afternoon @@@Oxglo , in order for us to be able to analyze the bill you received from MEO (former TMN), we need you to provide us with your mobile or broad band number and your contact number. Please send this information via private message using the reference number 3-30348277793 as the message subject
@@@Oxglo We are verifying the described situation and as soon as possible we'll get in touch with you.